CVECA Apprenticeship ProgramThe CVECA Apprenticeship Training Program began in 1974, when the members of the Association had become dissatisfied with the training programs that were available at time for their apprentices. One of the Contractor Members by the name of Mr. Rudy Jones stepped forward and took it upon himself to create a training program which would meet with the approval of the Association’s Contractor Members. The goal was to provide a four year training program which each attending apprentice would be provided with the classroom education necessary to pass the Virginia State Journeyman’s test and produce qualified electricians for the workplace.

Mr. Jones; along with fellow members, spent countless hours in producing a four year curriculum and seeing to it that this Training Program would be approved and accepted by the Virginia State Board of Contractors. Over the summer months between each school year, this curriculum is updated by the Apprenticeship Training Director and the Apprenticeship Training Instructors, to keep up with the ever changing National Electrical Code.

The Program’s Training Director is Mr. Willie Cline, who can be reached at e-mail address to provide any answers to your questions with regard the Association’s Apprenticeship Training Program. Mr. Cline has more than 19 years of education instruction with the County of Henrico’s school system; more than 10 of these have been devoted to electrical Technical Training at Highland Springs High School. Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year; Mr. Cline transferred from the Highland Springs High School Technical Center, and is now teaching Electrical Technical Training at the Academy at Virginia Randolph. Mr Cline is a master electrician, an electrical contractor and is also a recipient of the County of Henrico’s Teacher of the Year Award in the year of 2010 and 2013.

The Programs instructors are made up of electrical instructors from surrounding high school Technical Training programs, master electricians, electrical inspectors, electrical engineers and electrical contractors.

Future Apprentices

An apprentice looking to become a student in the Program must be an employee of one of our contractor members; who is referred to as the apprentice’s Sponsor. The membership list of electrical contractors can be found on the Home Page under “About Us”. The cost for enrollment is a $225.00 registration fee, the first and second semester fee costs are each $187.00 plus the cost for books required for each year. The electrical contractor (Sponsor) is required to provide the registration fee, first semester fee and book costs to the CVECA by the 30th of September and the second semester fee to the CVECA by the 31st of January.

An apprentice who has had training in another program can transfer into this Program. The apprentice is required to take a placement test prior to the first night of classes, to verify if what was learned in the apprentice’s prior training courses meets with our curriculum.


Night classes are held on Monday and Wednesdays at Hermitage High School in the County of Henrico School System. Classes begin in the middle of August with completion in the first week of April, weather incidents permitting. The apprentices are required to have 168 hours of classroom time, not allowing to miss more than 9 of these hours over the course of the year. If more are missed, the apprentice is removed from the program.

The 1st year curriculum covers Articles 90 to 250 of the National Electrical Code, ranges thru all aspects of residential wiring, calculations and formulas, electrical theory is covered extensively and each night time is devoted to a series of math problems related to what is being taught.

The 2nd year curriculum revisits Articles 90 thru 250 and covers the remaining Articles of the National Electrical Code, calculations, formulas and each night time is devoted to a series of math problems related to what is being taught.

The 3rd year curriculum provides an introduction to motor controls, along with solar photovoltaic, calculations and formulas, study of the National Electrical Code which applies to motor controls, solar photovoltaic and each night time is devoted to a series of math problems related to what is being taught.

The 4th year is devoted completely to review of the Program’s entire 1st, 2nd and 3rd year curriculum of the National Electrical Code; allowing the apprentice to be more than ready to pass the Virginia State Journeyman’s test. Any math that the student needs to be refreshed on makes up the remaining of the course.

CVECA Apprenticeship ProgramThe Association works very closely with the Department of Labor & Industry; making sure each electrical contractor (Sponsor) has contacted and filled out all of the required apprentice’s Action Forms with the Department.

At the end of each year, the 4th year graduating class is treated to a dinner; in which family members and guests are welcomed to attend; along with the Training Director, instructors, membership and other guests of the Association. Certificates are handed out to each recognized graduating apprentice along with gifts and awards for the apprentice with the highest grade average, best attendance over the entire four year program and most improved student.

In Closing

The present members of the Central Virginia Electrical Contractors Association will always strive to continue and maintain what is considered to be the best electrical apprenticeship training program in the area. This is what Mr. Rudy Jones and the forefathers of this Association intended; the end result of producing card carrying qualified electricians for the workplace.