Community Involvement is Important to Us

electrical-engineering-class-10245707-300wThe Central Virginia Electrical Contractors Association members participate in offering the opportunities available to potential apprentices at yearly local job fairs and career days during the course of the calendar school year. We work in conjunction with the Department of Labor & Industry as well as other organizations to achieve this goal. These job fairs and career days include:
The County of Henrico Life Ready Expo
The County of Hanover Career Day
The County of Goochland Career Day
The County of Powhatan Career Day
The Women, Wires, Sticks, Bricks, Pipes, Trucks and Dollars Job Fair
The Academy at Virginia Randolph Career Day
Taking time to meet and inform prospective enthusiastic high school students and others looking to make a career change, interested in the electrical industry benefits all contractors and training programs alike. Sparking their interest and providing them insight as to the tremendous opportunities and technological advancements within the electrical industry begins the process of adding to a workforce needed for our country’s future.

The Association participates with local high school’s Career Technical Education Programs as well. We take time to visit classes and speak about the opportunities and potential that the students in these classes have available to them and what the industry can offer. The Association donates materials to these Career Technical Education Programs in the surrounding area to supplement their needs for training. The Apprenticeship School’s Training Director and Association members also participate in the Career Technical Education Program’s annual residential wiring competition; providing support, materials and judging. This involvement allows our contractor members to see and interact first hand with what will prove to be the future of the electrical industry’s workforce.

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